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About Us

Only Fast Net is a High-Speed Broadband Internet and Digital Telephone services company. We provide our broadband services to business and residential customers alike. Only Fast Net founded the business on three principals:

  1. Delivering Value
  2. Providing exceptional customer service
  3. Creating flexible products to fit Residential or Business needs

We understand what is required to be productive at work as well as at home. Whether your business requires 10 Mbps of High-Speed Internet bandwidth and Digital Telephone service to distribute across multiple departments, or you want a High-Speed broadband connection at home to surf the web, check e-mail, and planning your next vacation, only FastNet Broadband has your solution.

Our Technology

Only Fast Net’s wireless technology bypasses phone lines and modems, is more reliable and faster than cable and faster than satellite transmission. Utilizing latest in technology and transmitting on the microwave band , a small (approx. 10inches by 10 inches) receiving antenna is placed on location; and the designated computer receives the signal and provides the highest speed connection available outside a dedicated T-1.

Only Fast Net will provide at no cost to the Client a site survey to ensure service accessibility to the Client’s location.

Upon successful completion of the site survey, Only Fast Net will commence the customer side installation. The customer side standard installation includes the mast, antenna and the radio. The only cost to Business Customer’s is a one time $150.00 install/labor fee, while for the Residential Installations the install/labor fee is currently waived.

Our Philosophy

To deliver exceptional customer services for Residential and Business needs. 

Core Value

Rise above the Rest; provide unwavering focus to serve our customers.


Everyone's Internet and Telephone service needs are different. Our products and services can be easily tailored to meet your requirements. You pay only for what you want...not just what we offer. Only Fast Net only uses carrier grade, best-in-class components to build and service our network. This allows you to get what you want and when you want it.

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